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With Scott Robinson
We will take an in-depth look at the Seven Rays. Week one we will study the Rays of Aspect; Rays 1,2 and 3. Week Two will see an extensive study of the Rays of Attribute; Rays 3 and 4. Week Three will conclude with Rays 6 and 7. Week four we study the Rays in a Macro sense and bring the Cosmological significances to the forefront, including planetary Rays. Week five we will concentrate on the cyclic appearances both human and planetary and also take a closer look at the historical significance of the present Ray cycle. In the final week we will consolidate our studies, leading to a self evaluation of our own Ray configuration, allowing the Ray of our Soul to pour forth into our Physical Vehicle. $75. 1 - 6 PM


SATURDAY, September 12

with Andrea Bagby
Coaches are in High Demand. Whether you are currently in the coaching profession or wanting to work in a field that helps others, this course will put you on the road to having an expansive healing business built on the 3 Es, Elegance, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship. Class one prepares the student to facilitate workshops and organize events as well as giving leadership tools. You will learn: how to command respect and attention in the group, how to plan for the outcome you wish to achieve, hold the interest of the attendees, agenda planning to organize the class information so that it is easily learned and remembered, taking and keeping control of the floor and most importantly communicate to the group in a powerfully irresistible way. 11 AM - 5 PM $200 Pre-registration Required

SUNDAY, September 13

with Andrea Bagby
Prepares the student for one on one coaching under the supervision of a Master Life Coach. The skill set acquired includes: Establishing a rapport with the client, listening skills, how to ask leading questions, diffusing dangerous emotions, helping clients establish goals, knowing when to refer out to a mental health specialist and much more. The entire two day course carries the designation of Holistic Workshop Facilitator and Spiritual Life Coach.

11 AM - 5 PM $200 Pre-registration Required

Register For Both DAYS $375




with Valerie Que
Introduction to Feng Shui using the BTB or Black Sect Feng Shui system. This easy to understand and practical use will help you recognize areas of your environment that can be modified to increase or expand the areas of your life in which you desire improvement.We will examine what feng shui is and what it is not. The primary areas of your home that have the most impact on your energy flow or chi. What you can do to improve these areas and what cures would provide the most satisfactory results.If you have one room that you are especially interested in improving, bring a layout of that room.The three step process of applying cures to your space. We will make at least one cure for your space that and review other cures that can be used to help improve the flow of chi in that space and in your life. 10 AM - 1 PM $65 + $10 Materials. Please Pre-register by 9/23 so we may have adequate supplies




With Andrea Bagby

Karuna Ki is the next step after Usui Reiki, taught only to Reiki Masters. It is a heart centered energy healing method and translates to “The Way of Compassionate Energy”. Similar to Usui Reiki, it is a hands on and hands off energy healing technique that allows the practitioner to channel life-force energy into the recipient’s body for healing. It differs from Usui Reiki in that it specifically focuses the frequency of loving compassionate energy from Source with the intention of spreading divine compassion and healing to recipients as well as throughout the world.

$200 11 AM - 3 PM
Pre-Registration Required



Fall Quarter Class Offerings

September 27

All Afternoon Class Sampler
10 Classes Noon - 5 PM

Topics Include:
Psychic Development

Inner Space Psychics & Practitioners
Have you ever had a deja vu experience? Do you sometimes know that the phone will ring and who it will be on the other end of the line. Are your dreams sometimes prophetic? Open up your own psychic gifts & start using your intuition TODAY! No Prior experience necessary. Topics Change Weekly. $10 7:30pm-9pm

6th Sense Schedule Group Leader is Madison

Full Moon Ritual Sept 2

Your Astrology Chart Sept 9

Feng Shui (Valerie guest) Sept 16

Spiritual Baths (Dr. Etricia guest) Sept 23

Using a Pendulum Sept 30

Drop-in, No pre-registration necessary!


We offer ongoing registration with

new classes starting monthly.


Ask about our new fast track program that allows
you to obtain your diploma in only one year and ordination in two years.

email info at the inner space dot com

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All classes are held at The Inner Space

6558 Vernon Woods Drive, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 NOTE NEW LOCATION

unless otherwise indicated.