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NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) Certification Course now enrolling.

The Dr Raymond Moody School of Mysticism is ON SABBATICAL

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SUMMER 2021 Classes

Saturday, June 5


John Henderson, DD, CHt

The first 2 weekends are a stand-alone course with a certification from Atlantian Mystery Schools in which you will learn to hypnotize. The balance of 6 additional weeks comprises the National Guild of Hypnotists Certification Course. including training for use with clients for: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Sports Enhancement, and more. First 2 weeks is a stand alone hypnosis course priced at $700 which may be applied to the full course at any time. $2400. Early payment discounts. 11 AM - 5 PM Pre-Registration Required

Reserve Your Spot with $350 Down!

SUNDAY, June 13

Andrea Bagby

The third eye chakra is the 6th chakra. It is also called the Ajna, which translates to “beyond wisdom”. It is centered between your eyebrows and is represented by the color indigo. the 3rd eye allows us to experience insight, forewarning, and the highest level of intelligence regarding the past, future, and present. The third eye is shrouded in mystery and false notions. Andrea leads this group through a process, using simple, yet effective techniques from both Eastern and Western traditions to access this portal of vision. 1 - 4 PM $75 Please Pre-register




The advanced beginner will hone their skills with a review of the aspects and we will delve deeper into orbs, both in the natal chart and in transits. The astroids and their role in the chart will also be addressed. The student will gain the skills to read transits to the natal chart and build confidence in their interpretations. 7:30 -9:30 PM $200 includes printed materials and book. Please Pre-register so we may have adequate materials.

June 26 & 27
with Andrea Bagby
This training is designed for all body types. Athletic ability not required.Connect on a mind, body & spirit level. Open hearts, mindfulness, and a passion for teaching is a must. Includes: 6 branches of yoga An in depth look at the chakra system Reiki Level 1 & 2 + Master Attunement How energy exchange works Connecting to your own intuition and much more. 10am-8pm (breaks of course) 2 Weekends Monthly Financing Available

$250 Down Payment
$2500 Payment in Full

SUNDAY, June 27


Valerie Que
& Dr. Etricia Mills

Kabbalistic teaching informs us that there are Angels who are inhabitants of ten sephiroth, of the Tree of Life. These Angels are what is often refer to as the Guardians Angels, or Teaching Angels, who we can invoke, appeal to, and who will carry our messages and pleas to the Universe. Once you have contacted these Angels they will awaken your consciousness to the presence of the divine that already exists in each of us. In today's class we will address the major 10 Angels or Archangels and learn how to effectively call on them to be our protectors and guides, helping us to achieve our life path goals. NOON - 3 PM $75 + $10 Materials.


TUESDAY, June 29


Andrea Bagby

Everyone who has the will to communicate with the other side is able to do so. There is no "trick" or "secret". The real ability lies within the individual who believes in the aftterlife and wishes to make contact. You will learn self protection and discernment along with how to open up to spirit and receive accurate and profound communication from the other side. Pre-requisite Psychic Development or equivalent highly recommended. 7:30 - 9:30 PM $200. Pre-registration required.


Scott Robinson
1- 5 PM $75 Pre-Registration required.



Have you ever had a deja vu experience? Do you sometimes know that the phone will ring and who it will be on the other end of the line. Are your dreams sometimes prophetic? Open up your own psychic gifts & start using your intuition TODAY! No Prior experience necessary. Topics Change Weekly. $20 7:30pm-9pm

Shiva is leading the 6th Sense Group. From time to time he will feature a guest instructor. Check here to see what he's doing.
March 31 Having it Easy ( Using our own distinctive set of tools) Shiva

June 2 - Building an Altar - What do I put on it?
June 9 - Sixth Sense Moon Phases
June 16 - Spiritual Team
June 23 - Mojo Bag
June 30 - Herbal Magic

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