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Q - Do I have to sign up for the diploma program, or do I just take courses and pay as I go?
A - Most of the classes are pay as you go.

Q - When I've taken enough core and elective courses, I get the degree?
A - The undergraduate diploma is earned after 22 hours of satisfactorily completed work

Q - If the latter, do you have a tracking system, or do I track it myself?
A - The Atlantian Mystery Schools records all the classes along with your grades & attendance.

Q - Will the class I've already taken count?
A - Classes that you have taken through the Atlantian Mystery School may all be applied toward your diploma even though you have not yet officially enrolled. Upon enrollment, we will register the classes to your file.

Q - How far in advance are the class offerings posted?
A - Classes are usually planned about 3 months in advance.

Q - Are classes typically only offered once per year?
A - Classes are usually begun once per year except in the case of Reiki, Tarot and some other very popular classes.

Q - In other words, should I also sign up for Mediumship 102 in January because it won't be available later in the year?
A - It is always a good idea to sign up when you first see the class offered. That way you are assured of it being available to you.

Q - Is there a time limit - ie: diploma must be earned within (1, 2, 3?) years of starting a degree or credit(s) are lost?
A - There is no time limit on you earning your degree. Some students finish in as little time as two years while others have taken five + years.

Q - Are all 6-week courses $160?
A - A qualified yes to this question. Graduate level classes are around $300 per one 8 hour day or $500 per weekend.

Q - How much are the 1/2 day and 1 day classes?
A - They are generally $45 - $150 depending upon the instructor and the materials

Q - Does your Diploma program have any national or regional significance/recognition?
A - Other than the National Guild of Hypnotists certification, we do not. Metaphics is a field that is not recognized in most academic circles. There is no "official" regognition for our under graduate degrees.

Metaphysics degrees granted by AMS are religious in nature and are earned solely by the study of Metaphysical teachings with an emphasis on spirituality. Because Metaphysical degrees are religious in nature, the U.S. Department of Education, under U.S. Federal Law, can neither praise, credit, discredit, nor accredit Metaphysical institutions.

Q - Is there any such thing as an accrediting body for metaphysical schools?
A - Unfortunately, not at this time.

Instead of choosing a school based on accreditation—which does not exist in the spiritual Metaphysical field—the choice should be centered upon the longevity of the school’s existence, the years of actual professional experience of the Founder or current president of the school, and the honesty and integrity of its reputation over a long period of time. The Atlantian Temple is legally recognized by the United States Federal Government as a non-secular, spiritual/metaphysical 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization, the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. must adhere to the founding precepts of religious freedom and those of the Separation of Church and State. Therefore, it must refrain from all comment, opinion, or intrusion.

Q - Is the core curriculum the same for all of the diploma programs?
A - Yes, with some additional requirements for some of the more specialized programs.