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Dr. Raymond Moody
Dr. Raymond Moody

School of Mysticism

Wisdom Seekers Ordination Program Course Dates New Program Begins
March 15, 2020

This course is now offered in a combination of "on campus" and independent study program on DVD a with a class meeting at The Inner Space one weekend day monthly. Call 404-252-4540 today to schedule your pre-admission interview with Dr. Moody

The Doctoral Program in Mysticism
commences in Spring, 2020. This is open to all
students who have completed the Ordination program with Dr. Moody. Please call for a schedule of classes.

Click Here for More Detailed Information and a Syllabus.

Dr. John Henderson
John Henderson

The National Guild of Hypnotists Certification Program
Next Class Scheduled for
January 25, 2020

Graduates obtain National Guild of Hypnotists Certification and an ordination from The Atlantian Mystery Schools. Graduates are certified to practice in all 50 states and abroad.

Can't scheduled for a weekend class?
Ask about mentoring.
Your schedule, your time line for graduation!

The Doctoral Program in Spiritual Healing
commences Winter, 2020. This is open to all
certified hypnotherapists regardless of where you received
your hypnotherapy training. Please call for a schedule of classes.

Click Here for Dr. Henderson's Website

To join either of these classes or for information on the
Doctorate in Divinity, Call 404-252-4540

$2400 if paid in installments or $2100 if paid in advance.

We are a fully recognized 501c3 organization
through The Atlantian Temple. Your ordination credentials
are valid nationwide.

Are you accredited?

The US Department of Education, by law, can neither praise, credit, discredit, nor accredit a non-secular institution of Higher Consciousness/Spiritual Education.

Can I legally use the title Doctor?

Graduates have the full legal right to use doctoral titles awarded in conjunction with the ministerial status conferred, as long as they maintain a good standing with the Atlantian Mystery School and Atlantian Temple.

How will an ecucation through the Atlantian Mystery Schools help me?

Our degree programs give you the tools and resources to help you empower yourself and to help and empower others through teaching, metaphysical counseling, spiritual healing, metaphysical life coaching, metaphysical hypnosis, metaphysical ministry, pastoral counseling and many other ways.