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Tarot 101
With Valerie
Tarot cards hold the keys to the mysteries of life’s experience. Their symbology dates back hundreds of years. The many systems of Tarot and plethora of definitions can be daunting for the beginner or even advanced student, but Valerie has a simple, straight forward method that practically guarantees success. We will review the cards, layouts and methods of reading then have a practice session at the end of class in which students gain proficiency by reading for each other with instructor assistance. $190 + Workbook $10. Deck Not Included.  - 7:30 - 9:30 PM, 6 weeks Pre-registration Required

THURDAY, August 8
Sherry Henderson
We will focus on determining the cosmic state of a planet by sign, triplicity, house, essential dignity and aspects. We will review analogies of planets to houses, derivative houses, the effects of rapid, slow, direct, retrograde and stationary planet, and dispositors, Chart patterns will be introduced. By the end of this course the student will have learned the mechanics of the most prevalent types of chart interpretation as well as how to determine a planets ability to produce for good or bad and in what quantity, quality and for what duration. Fixed stars and Arabian Parts are introduced. $160 including charts and printed materials,

6 weeks 7:30 - 9:30 PM


SUNDAY, August 11
With Jennifer Marquez
Explore the differences between various authors and artists of Oracle Cards! We will talk about choosing decks of cards, clearing our cards, using layouts and using the cards to enhance your intuitive gifts. We will do readings with multiple decks of Oracle cards, both simple and complex. We will even talk about ideas for our own deck of cards. This is a great class to become better acquainted with the Oracle decks you have or want. Bring your cards and/or we will have loaners to share.

$40 1 - 4 PM Pre-Registration Required


TUESDAY, August 13
Andrea Bagby
Everyone is born with an innate psychic
ability. Whether or not you have experienced this gift consciously, you have it none the less. We will talk about the most recent scientific research about psychic abilities, practice sending and receiving messages, tuning into energy, remote viewing and seeing auras. Every class includes a deeper psychic level meditation and exchanging readings with other students. 7:30 - 9:30 PM 6 Weeks $180  + $19.95 Workbook


MONDAY, August 19

Basic Astrology
with Madison

If you have felt that astrology is too intimidating or if you have taken a course and want to review the basics, this is the class for you. Madison will take you through the planets, signs, houses, modalities and elements in a succinct yet in depth and detailed manner. You will learn the basics, so that the next step will be easy. All charts and printed materials included.
4 weeks on Mondays
7:30 - 9:30 PM
$120 + Textbook $20.

SATURDAY, August 31
With Andrea Bagby
Karuna Ki is the next step after Usui Reiki, taught only to Reiki Masters. It is a heart centered energy healing method and translates to “The Way of Compassionate Energy”. Similar to Usui Reiki, it is a hands on and hands off energy healing technique that allows the practitioner to channel life-force energy into the recipient’s body for healing. It differs from Usui Reiki in that it specifically focuses the frequency of loving compassionate energy from Source with the intention of spreading divine compassion and healing to recipients as well as throughout the world. $200 10 AM - 2 PM Pre-Registration Required



Inner Space Psychics & Practitioners
Have you ever had a deja vu experience? Do you sometimes know that the phone will ring and who it will be on the other end of the line. Are your dreams sometimes prophetic? Open up your own psychic gifts & start using your intuition TODAY! No Prior experience necessary. Topics Change Weekly. $10 drop-in class 7pm-9pm

June Topics:
August 7 - Intuition and It's Tools with Jennifer
August 14 - Understanding Your Moon & Your Motives with Madison
August 21 - Candle Magic with a Purpose - Dr. Etricia
July 28 - Breath, Meditation and Psychic Ability with Andrea



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All classes are held at The Inner Space

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